2023 The Hill Junior Golf Academy

Open to golfers ages 8-17
Cost: $400 per participant
No Charge for Annual Pass Holders

IMG 2445The Hill Golf Academy is a program that introduces youngsters to golf through innovative and fun techniques and competitive learning. Our aim is to create golfers who enjoy the game and want to compete at the high school level and beyond. To join our Academy, you do not have to be experienced but you should be prepared to follow some basic guidelines:


  • Be ready to take on the mental and physical challenges of learning and playing golf
  • Be ready to stay calm and learn from your mistakes. Golf is hard. You will not be perfect!
  • Be ready to focus on the goal, even if things might not be going your way in the moment
  • Be prepared to walk. Golf at the junior level is a not just playing, but also walking the golf course.
  • Bring healthy snacks to keep your mental and physical energy up, and make sure you have water.
  • Golf requires patience and focus. Be prepared to listen and follow instructions.
  • Respect yourself and other. Be courteous to your instructor and your teammates and competitors. Be respectful, patient, and quiet while others are practicing and playing.
  • Respect the golf course. You should always leave the golf course in as good or better conditions as when you arrived.
  • Treat your equipment kindly. If you hit a bad shot, it wasn’t the club’s fault.
The Hill Academy members will meet every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 PM beginning April 12, 2023 through September 6. Members will receive two hours of instruction, structured play, or practice that will stress fundamentals, actual course play, and SNAG training. In addition, weekly and monthly tournaments, skill challenges, and practice goals for members will give players a chance to test their skills and earn rewards. Interested in the program, but not sure? Come out any Wednesday evening from 5:00-7:00 PM and see what our Academy in action!

Academy Members receive:

Annual Play Pass at The Hill
Two hour weekly instruction on Wednesday evenings 5-7 pm
Weekly and monthly goal tracking and competitions
Opportunity to earn rewards

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