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Renovation Update - October 18 - Winding Down

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Construction is in the final stages as the cart paths have been installed and finish work begins. Sod is being laid to tie in the new paths with the tee box complexes. Areas are being back-filled and seeded to give the paths a finished look.
After the heavy rains of last week, a couple of trouble spots emerged. The new lower fairway on #8 and the fairway surrounding the Principal's Nose bunker on #9 experienced some rutting due to about three quarters of an inch of rain that fell in about 30 minutes Monday night. Those areas need to be repaired, top-dressed and re-seeded. Crews are currently working to address that issue.
The areas that were disturbed during construction are also being repaired and seeded. All the greens and fairways are showing signs of growth. The irrigation system has a few items that need to be repaired, and those are on the punch list.
Cleanup should be complete within the next week.
We are asking people to stay off the golf course. Areas have been seeded and new sod can be dangerous to walk on until it takes root. It remains CRITICAL during this phase to keep pedestrian traffic off the golf course. Please don't walk, jog or ride bicycles on the property. For the safety of everyone and to protect our newly planted turf during and after construction, the property is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Signs are posted on the perimeter reminding people that there is NO TRESPASSING during construction. Please use the walking trail around the perimeter. Once construction is complete, it will be necessary to remain closed to allow the new grass to establish itself. The course will re-open in the late spring/early summer. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make improvements.
Please, follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter. We are constantly adding construction photos to our Facebook page in the "2017 Renovation" album.