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Renovation Update - March

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As the calendar turns toward spring, the attention turns back to the grass that has already started to green during a very warm month of February. The course weathered the high winds of last weekend fairly well. One tree was uprooted and broken limbs are down all over the course, but cleanup has already started.
Work continues to get the course into playing shape. There are a few areas of concern as we ride out the last few weeks of winter. The 9th fairway suffered some washout during the heaviest rains of last fall. That area will need to be repaired and re-seeded. The lower part of the 8th fairway also needs to be re-seeded. A few of the greens suffered some washout damage as well, and we are taking steps to repair and re-seed those areas also.
We have identified a number of areas around the golf course where we want to install sod. This will enable us to finish off some disturbed areas that just didn't have enough time in the fall to establish new grass. It will also allow us to tie in areas adjacent to some new cart paths. The other major sod project that we are looking forward to starting is putting a 4' perimeter of fescue sod around all of our new bentgrass fairways. This will give the fairways a manicured edge and will help keep unwanted grasses from infiltrating the new bentgrass. This process will entail using a sod cutter to prepare a four foot strip surrounding fairways #1, #2, #4, #5, #8 and #9. Work on that grass installation should begin before the end of the month.
All of this work leads to the question of when are we re-opening. The answer is that a definitive date has not been set. While we understand that many of you are anxious to play the new track, we don't want to re-open the course until it is ready for play. We value your patience as we get ready to re-open this summer. 
Please, follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter. We are constantly adding construction photos to our Facebook page in the "2017 Renovation" album.