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Renovation Update - September 18 - The Immediate Effects of Sod

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It's been just 16 days since we seeded fairways 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8. In just over two weeks, those areas have begun to fill in nicely, giving the course a look that it has never had before - just take a look at the second fairway in the photo to the right! It's a patient process, like waiting for water to boil on a stove. Watching the grass fill in daily is rewarding and, in its own way, dramatic. But there's nothing quite like the immediate impact of sod on the transformation of a golf course.
The surrounds on greens 1, 2, 8 and 9 have been completed. In a matter of hours, not days, as the sod is laid down, you can truly see what the finished product will look like. Tee complexes go from manicured piles of dirt to lush platforms. Greens finally begin to take shape as the collar of Zeon Zoysia circles the putting surface. Contours begin to show themselves. Bunkers start to show their true character, especially when sand in finally installed.
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The 9th hole on the left is a prime example of the dramatic effects of sod. The massive greenside bunker looks ominous next to the enlarged putting surface. The green itself has been manipulated to take our some of the severe slope. It has also pushed further back and to the left, creating a back pin placement. Combined with the signature Principal's Nose bunker in the fairway, the finishing ninth promises to be one of the showcase holes on the golf course.  
It remains CRITICAL during this phase to keep pedestrian traffic off the golf course. Please don't walk or ride bicycles on the property. For the safety of everyone and to protect our newly planted turf during and after construction, the property is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Signs are posted on the perimeter reminding people that there is NO TRESPASSING during construction. Please use the walking trail around the perimeter. Once construction is complete, it will be necessary to remain closed to allow the new grass to establish itself. The course will re-open in the late spring/early summer. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make improvements.
Please, follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter. We are constantly adding construction photos to our Facebook page in the "2017 Renovation" album.